Recent Research Highlights

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Perovskite Nanowire-Block Copolymer Composites with Digitally Programmable Polarization Anisotropy

(Jennifer Lewis group, Harvard and Paul Alivisatos group, LBL)

February 2018


High-performance Near-Field Electroluminescent Refrigeration Device

(Eli Yablonovitch group, LBL and Shanhui Fan group, Stanford)

December 2017


Semiconductor Solar Thermal Absorber

(Austin Minnich group, Caltech and Shanhui Fan groups, Stanford)

November 2017


Ultra-High Thermal Stability ReNi Inverse Opals

(Paul Braun group, UIUC and Shanhui Fan group, Stanford)

October 2017


Subwavelength Lateral Spectral Splitting

(Mark Brongersma and Shanhui Fan groups, Stanford)

September 2017


Electrochemical Etching of Square Microlenses

(Paul Braun and John Rogers group, UIUC; Mark Brongersma group, Stanford)

May 2017


Broadband and Omnidirectional AR Coatings for CPV

(Harry Atwater and Nat Lewis groups, Caltech & John Rogers and Ralph Nuzzo groups, UIUC)

April 2017


Daytime Radiative Cooling Using Glass Slides

(Austin Minnich group, Caltech and Shanhui Fan group, Stanford)

March 2017


Record efficiency in NIR-to-visible photon upconversion

(Jennifer Dionne group, Stanford and Paul Alivisatos group, LBL)

October 2016


Three-Dimensional Single Gyroid Photonic Crystals With a Mid-Infrared Bandgap

(Harry Atwater group, Caltech and Paul Braun group, UIUC)

September 2016


Laser-Assisted Direct Ink Writing of Metallic Architectures

(Jennifer Lewis group, Harvard)

May 2016


Conformal Flexible Dielectric Metasurfaces

(Andrei Faraon group, Caltech)

April 2016


Active Thermal Extraction of Near-Field Thermal Radiation

(Austin Minnich group, Caltech)

March 2016


Active Mixing of Complex Fluids at the Microscale

(Jennifer Lewis group, Harvard)

December 2015


Luminescent Concentration of Diffuse Light Achieving 30X Concentration

(Paul Alivisatos Group, LBNL and Ralph Nuzzo group, UIUC)

September 2015


Controlling Thermal Emission with Graphene Metasurfaces

(Harry Atwater group, Caltech)

August 2015


Engineering Light Absorption in Semiconductor Metafilms

(Brongersma group, Stanford)

June 2015


First free-standing 2D piezoelectric material experimentally demonstrated with MoS2

(Xiang Zhang group, LBL)

Feb 2015


Near-complete Violation of Detailed Balance
in Thermal Radiation

(Shanhui Fan group, Stanford)

Jan 2015


Higher Maximum Efficiencies for Multijunction Solar Cells Achieved Through Nontraditional Geometries

(Harry Atwater group, Caltech and Xiang Zhang group, LBL)

Dec 2014


Enhanced Photon Recycling in Multijunction Solar Cells

(John Rogers group, UIUC and Eli Yablonovitch group, LBL)

October 2014


Mechanically Stacked Quadruple-Junction Microscale
Solar Cells for High Efficiency Modules

(John Rogers and Ralph Nuzzo Groups, UIUC)

May 2014


High Temperature 3D-Structured Thermophotovoltaic Emitters

(Paul Braun Group, UIUC)

April 2014


Design of 3D Mesostructures via Phototropic Growth (Nate Lewis and Harry Atwater Groups, Caltech)

March 2014


A Path to High-Concentration Luminescent Solar Concentrators with Nanorod Lumophores and Micro-Silicon Solar Cells

(Paul Alivisatos Group, LBNL and Ralph Nuzzo group, UIUC)

February 2014


Computationally Designing Surface Textures for Ultrathin, Efficient Solar Cells

(Eli Yablonovitch Group, LBNL) October 2013


3D Printing of Li-Ion Microbattery Architectures

(Jennifer Lewis Group, UIUC and Harvard) July 2013

Double Power Output for GaAs Solar Cells Embedded in Luminescent Waveguides

(Ralph Nuzzo and John Rogers Groups, UIUC) April 2013

Enabling New Classes of Templated Materials
Through Mesoporous Carbon Colloidal Crystals

(Paul Braun Group, UIUC) March 2013

Magnetic Alignment of High-Aspect Ratio Microwires into Vertical Arrays

(Nate Lewis Group, Caltech) February 2013

Angle Restriction for High Single Junction Efficiency
(Harry Atwater Group, Caltech and Albert Polman, FOM-AMOLF) January 2013

New Electromagnetic Theory of Ultra-Thin Solar Cells
(Xiang Zhang Group, LBNL) October/November 2012

"Paintable" Polymer Photonic Crystals
(Harry Atwater and Bob Grubbs Groups, Caltech) September 2012

Dielectric Optical Antennas for Solar Absorption Enhancement
(Paul Alivisatos Group, LBNL) July/August 2012

Slap, Stick, & Peel: Soft Triangular Stamps for Nanotexturing
(Ralph Nuzzo and Paul Braun Groups, UIUC & Paul Alivisatos Group, LBNL) June 2012

Planar and 3D Printing of Conductive Inks
(Jennifer Lewis Group, UIUC) May 2012

Photonic design principles for ultrahigh-efficiency photovoltaics
(Harry Atwater, Caltech & Albert Polman, FOM-AMOLF) February 2012

Solar cell light trapping beyond the ray optic limit
(Harry Atwater group, Caltech) December 2011


Light-mediated pattern formation in chalcogenide nanostructures
(Nate Lewis and Harry Atwater groups, Caltech) November 2011

Broadband polarization independent light absorption using ultrathin plasmonic super absorbers
(Harry Atwater group, Caltech) October 2011

Three-dimensionally architectured optoelectronics

(Paul Braun & John Rogers groups, UIUC) September 2011

Photovoltaic performance of ultra-small PbSe quantum dots

(Paul Alivisatos group, LBNL & Harry Atwater group, Caltech) August 2011

Complete theory of down-conversion, and a comparison with carrier multiplication
(Xiang Zhang group, LBNL) July 2011

Transfer of preformed 3D photonoc crystals onto dye sensitized solar cells

(Paul Braun group, UIUC) June 2011

The physics of high-efficiency solar cells
(Eli Yablonovitch group, LBNL) May 2011

Luminescent waveguide concentrator photovoltaics
(John Rogers & Ralph Nuzzo groups, UIUC) April 2011.

Dielectric nanospheres for photovoltaics
(Harry Atwater group, Caltech) March 2011

Transparent conductive oxide microelectrodes
(Jennifer Lewis group, UIUC) February 2011