Lectures & Tutorials

Lectures from the LMI-EFRC "New Approaches to Full Spectrum Solar Energy Conversion" Webinar, September 3, 2015, Caltech


Harry A. Atwater Quantum Dot Luminescent Concentrators
Paul Alivisatos, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory



Eli YablonovitchPrinting Functional Materials
Jennifer Lewis, Harvard


lmi logoPanel Discussion: Enabling Science for Full Spectrum Conversion
Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology

Jennifer Dionne, Stanford University

Eli Yablonovitch, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lectures from the LMI-EFRC "Approaches to Ultrahigh Efficiency Solar Energy Conversion" Webinar, March 7, 2013, Caltech



John Rogers Microscale Solar Cells for Macroscale Power Generation

John Rogers, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



lmi logoPanel Discussion: Future Directions for Light-Material Interactions in Photovoltaics
Paul Alivisatos, UC Berkeley

Paul Braun, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Nate Lewis, Caltech


Lectures from the LMI-EFRC "Fundamental Challenges in Solar Energy Conversion" Workshop, July 7, 2010, Caltech



Richard Swanson Efficiency Limits and Cost Challenges in Photovoltaics
Richard Swanson, Sunpower Corporation


Harry A. Atwater Thin Film Photovoltaics Challenges
Harry A. Atwater, Caltech


Christiana HornsbergThird Generation Photovoltaics Challenges
Christiana Hornsberg, Arizona State University