Dr. Ze'ev Abrams
PhD 2012, UC Berkeley
Founder and CEO, Strider Solar Inc.
Dr. Bok Yeop Ahn
Research Scientist, Harvard University
Dr. Amir Arbabi
Postdoc, Caltech
Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ehsan Arbabi
Dr. Kevin Arpin
PhD 2013, UIUC
Senior Development Engineer at Xerion Advanced Battery
Dr. Ashwin Atre
PhD 2015, Stanford
Dr. Nicolas Batara
PhD 2016, Caltech
Dr. Joseph Beardslee
PhD 2014, Caltech
Researcher at Kratos
Michael Bell
Dr. Audrey Bowen
PhD 2011, UIUC
Senior research engineer at Intel
Dr. Noah Bronstein
PhD 2016, UC Berkeley
Postdoctoral Researcher at NREL
Dr. Ana Brown
PhD 2016, Caltech
Eric Brueckner
Dr. Stanley Burgos
PhD 2013, Caltech
Principal research engineer at HGST
Dr. Dennis Callahan
Postdoc, Caltech
Dr. Hamidreza Chalabi
PhD 2015, Stanford
Prof. Debashis Chanda
Postdoc 2012, UIUC
Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida
Joint Appointment with NanoScience Technology Center and College of Optics and Photonics (CREOL)
Prof. Chris Corcoran
PhD 2014, UIUC
Research engineer at Intel
Dr. Robert Coridan
Postdoc, Caltech
Dr. Sunita Darbe
PhD 2016, Caltech
Dr. Mita Dasog
Postdoc, Caltech
Dr. Ding Ding
PhD 2016, Caltech
Dr. Carissa Eisler
PhD 2015, Caltech
Postdoctoral Scholar in Alivisatos group at UC Berkeley
Prof. Matthew Escarra
Postdoc 2013, Caltech
Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering Physics at Tulane University
Prof. Vivian Ferry
Postdoc 2014, LBL
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the University of Minnesota
Dr. Cristofer Flowers
PhD 2017, Caltech
Dr. Vidya Ganapti
PhD 2015, UC Berkeley
Hardware Engineer, Google X
Dr. Joseph Geddes
Postdoc 2012, UIUC
Engineer, Rolith Inc.
Dr. Majid Gharghi
Postdoc 2013, UC Berkeley
Senior Process Engineer, Intermolecular
Dr. Chris Gladden
PhD 2013, UC Berkeley
Glint Photonics
Matt Goodman
Dr. Jonathan Grandidier
Postdoc 2013, Caltech
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Sidhartha Gupta
Dr. Carrie Hofmann
PhD 2010, Caltech
Assistant Director of LMI-EFRC
Yu Horie
Dr. Min Seok Jang
PhD 2012, Caltech
Seoul National University
Dr. Dae-Hyeong Kim
PhD 2009, UIUC
Assistant Professor, School of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Seoul National University
Tae Wan Kim
MS 2011, UIUC
PhD student at KAIST in South Korea
Dr. Emily Kosten
PhD 2014, Caltech
Researcher at MIT Lincoln Labs
Dr. Neil Krueger
PhD 2016, UIUC
Alice Lay
Dr. Lanfang Li
PhD 2013, UIUC
Dow Chemical
Dr. David Lorang
PhD 2013, UIUC
Process Engineer at Intel
Dr. Matt Lucas
PhD 2014, UC Berkeley
Prof. Robert MacFarlane
Postdoc, Caltech
Assistant Professer, MIT
Dr. Owen Miller
PhD 2012, UC Berkeley
Postdoc in Applied Mathemathics at MIT
Dr. Gururaj Naik
Postdoc, Stanford
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University
Dr. Erik Nelson
PhD 2010, UIUC
Senior development engineer at Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
Dr. Hailong Ning
PhD 2013, UIUC
Xerion Materials
Erin O'Brien
UC Berkeley
Dr. Bibek Parajuli
PhD 2013, UIUC
Engineer at Intel
Navaneeth Ravichandran
Prof. Bryce Sadtler
Postdoc 2014, Caltech
Assistant professor of Chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Sunil Sandhu
Postdoc 2016, Stanford
Prof. Matt Sheldon
Postdoc 2014, Caltech
Assistant professor of Chemistry at Texas A&M University
Katherine Sytwu
Dr. Xinran Wang
Postdoc 2011, UIUC
Professor in the School of Electronic Science and Engineering at Nanjing University
Dr. Raymond Weitekamp
PhD 2015, Caltech
Project Lead, Cyclotron Road, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Dr. Xing Sheng
Professor of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University
Dr. Diane Wu
PhD, Stanford
Gimlet Media
Sui Yang
UC Berkeley
Dr. Ziliang Ye
PhD 2014, UC Berkeley
Postdoctoral scholar, Columbia University
Hang Zhang
Dr. Jia Zhu
Postdoc 2013, Berkeley
Faculty at Nanjing University
Dr. Linxiao Zhu
PhD 2016, Berkeley
Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Michigan