The "Light-Material Interactions in Energy Conversion" Energy Frontier Research Center (LMI-EFRC) is a national resource for fundamental optical principles and phenomena relevant to solar energy conversion, and for design of the optical properties of materials and devices used for energy conversion. The LMI-EFRC features a team that spans the campuses of Caltech, Berkeley, Illinois, and Harvard, and creates a foundational partnership between scientific leaders in optical properties of matter with experts in solar photovoltaic and photochemical energy conversion and innovators in the design and fabrication of novel electronic and photonic materials.

California Institute of Technology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


phototropic growthNew Nanopatterning Technique Driven by Light: Caltech postdoc Bryce Sadtler's recent PNAS paper on phototropic growth of Se-Te alloys is highlighted in the January 2014 Frontiers in Energy Research EFRC Newsletter in an article written by LMI's Dennis Callahan [read more] 02.03.14

the body electricThe Body Electric: LMI Professor John Rogers is profiled in The New Yorker for his work on integrated silicon circuits that can stretch, flex, and even dissolve under the skin. [read more] 11.22.13

photonic crystalNew Heat-Resistant Materials Could Vastly Improve Solar Cell Efficiency: Paul Braun and collaborators have demonstrated record performance for a photonic crystal thermal emitter intended for use in thermophotovoltaics. Read the paper published in Nature Communications and see more in the news! [ScienceDaily] [cleantechnica] [materials360] [IEEE Spectrum] 10.28.13